So – a bit more about “why”?

How has OnTheGoDesign come about?

I guess its a lifestyle thing.  I’m mum and wife to a bunch of busy people: a quiet day is an after-school with only one activity.  I’m overwhelmed with admiration for people who manage to run a house AND hold down a job outside the home but I’m not one of them.  From when the first child gets home from school till bedtime (mine – not theirs!) its pretty full on.  I’m also not quite ready to juggle the school holidays so a while ago I started sewing to make some extra pennies, to feel like I had my own “thing” and as an excuse to buy pretty fabric 😉

The products that form part of OnTheGoDesign sit perfectly within my values as a person and as a family.  We are all pretty “get-up-and-go”ish, with two of my offspring in the scouting movement, and we’ve been doing long family walks since the days of dressing-up a walk as “geocaching”, a treasure hunt or simply and excuse to stop for a snack part way round.  Added to our desire to look after the environment, and my own personal weakness for all things beautiful, you can see why I’ve decided to concentrate on making items that, to quote my Etsy shop “help you do your bit in getting out and about, saving the planet and looking stylish all in one go”.






Author: Sarah-Kate

Mum. Wife. Textile Artist. Knitter. Runner, I guess, though that feels a bit strong. Friend.

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