WaterOnTheGo – the story

As I describe on the product page, the water bottle carrier, WaterOnTheGo, came about because of family needs:

“I have three children who are about as different as three children can be: sporty, musical, forgetful, organised. However, one thing unites them and that is the difficulty of the water bottle:

– my water bottle leaked and that’s why my homework got wet
– I can’t fit my water bottle into my bag
– I don’t want to stop and get my water bottle out of my bag

So the water bottle carrier became a part of our lives. I can’t claim to have come up with the idea but I can certainly claim to be a parent that sees the usefulness of such an item and also one that knows that beautiful fabric turns a useful item into a must-have accessory!”

I’ve have spent time working on the design which results with the two that are now available.
Strap version:  This one has an adjustable strap which means you can carry it cross body or on your shoulder and its suitable for little ones right up to grown-ups. And now you have your hands free to hold hands, wave, clamber or anything else you’d like your hands available for.
Carabiner clip:  This one is designed to clip to a school bag, book bag or rucksack with a carabiner clip. This makes them particularly useful for:
– sporty kids, so their water is at hand
– preschool and infant children who aren’t taking a lunch box so can clip this to their book bags
– adults who can clip this to whatever bag they are carrying
A standard issue 50cl school/sports water bottle with 7cm diameter fits easily.

Author: Sarah-Kate

Mum. Wife. Textile Artist. Knitter. Runner, I guess, though that feels a bit strong. Friend.

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