Muddy Fields

I’ve mentioned before that part of the reason-for-being for OnTheGoDesign is our love of the outdoors.   My 13 year old (known on my social media updates as “Sporty”) takes it to a whole new level with her passion for cross-country running and we were lucky enough to watch her in the British Inter-Counties Cross-Country Championships this weekend.

It was the coolest thing I’ve experienced in a long time.  Rows and rows of county tents filled with children of all shapes and sizes warming up, changing shoes, topping up their fluids.  Then races with start lines of several hundred, lined with parents and coaches of various volumes shouting assorted types of encouragement.  My daughter runs for the love of it.  She is racing at county level but won’t set the world on fire which suits all of us as I strongly believe that this is a life skill:  when she’s had a bad day at work as an adult she’ll want to put on her running shoes and forget the day.  I don’t want her to lose that though injury or  having been pushed too far.  That doesn’t mean we don’t fully appreciate some of the amazing performances we saw and wonder which ones we’ll see in the Olympics in a few years.

I’m also immensely proud of a couple of her team mates:  one of whom got badly spiked early on in her race but kept going, and another who paced it badly and really struggled but both kept going to the end.  I may have shed a tear while hugging one of them till her mum managed to find us.

So lots of cheering, proud moments, pats on the back.  Oh, and of course plenty of washing….


Author: Sarah-Kate

Mum. Wife. Textile Artist. Knitter. Runner, I guess, though that feels a bit strong. Friend.

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