Zero-waste sewing

As I was putting another teeny tiny scrap of fabric into my scraps tin, it made me ponder about how the zero-waste ethos fits into my work life.

I love beautiful fabric and its hard to resist.  Fortunately I don’t have to because I get to create and sell products that help others work on their zero-waste goals!  I do, however, do my best to manage the offcuts, and here’s how I do it…..

To start with, the most obvious, is that I use the cloth as efficiently as possible.  By purchasing larger amounts I can be more efficient with my cutting and, as it gets smaller, I will be selective as to what product this piece of fabric will become.

There will be a point when, even with seaming, the remnant isn’t going to make it into a sandwich wrap or water bottle holder.  That’s when I start measuring…

I have another little business, Handmade by Sarah-Kate, where I create a wider range of products and I also attend craft fayres.  There are a number of little items that I sell which I can squeeze out of a much smaller remnant…

And the beautiful fabric bookmarks or infinitely useful key ring pockets (for a USB stick or a lipsalve) sell really well, especially in the lead-up to Christmas.  Smaller pieces of fabric get measured, cut and sorted into piles to be sewn up when I have some slow time.


Finally, there is my tin of scraps:


Its overflowing right now, which is probably what led me to reflect.  But this will go to a lovely lady in my village who childminds.  And the little ones that come to her can cut and stick to their hearts’ contents and take home pictures to their parents or carers, using the same stunning fabric that I couldn’t resist in the first place.  And now I can add community to my list of wins!

Happy days 🙂


Author: Sarah-Kate

Mum. Wife. Textile Artist. Knitter. Runner, I guess, though that feels a bit strong. Friend.

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