Who is the most shaggy?

l and sheep

It’s my smallest’s birthday today and I did the obligatory Facebook update with pictures to remind the world of this fact and I came upon this picture which was taken a year or so ago.

There is SO much I love about this picture and I will be able to link it to my business so just bear with me….. ūüėČ

My youngest is such a dude. ¬†He’s been a drummer since he could hold something in each hand and you can tell from the hair, can’t you? ¬†He also the appearance of a surfer which he hasn’t had chance to have a proper go at but¬†we have been told that he’ll be a snowboarder one day. ¬†This is a long story, the short version involves him being taken to a snowdome when quite little and, while his biggest sister was learning to ski, he decided the little sledge area wasn’t enough fun and managed to go across that slope and into the queue of people waiting to try out the luge. ¬†He took out two people waiting and started going up the luge run the wrong way….

He’s also the child that doesn’t read the signs:

l in the mud

Any guesses which he sign he didn’t read just before this was taken?

However, I promised to link the first picture to the theme of my blog!  We are all very out-and-about as a family, so most photos will have one or other of us looking a bit windswept!  And my gorgeous boy is making friends there with a sheep.  I am a huge fan of sheep and, as well as my sewing business, my other outlet of creativity is knitting (and gazing at, and stroking and sometimes buying) stunning yarn.  Preferably the natural stuff Рthat comes from a creature like the one pictured above.  The sheep Рnot the boy!


Author: Sarah-Kate

Mum. Wife. Textile Artist. Knitter. Runner, I guess, though that feels a bit strong. Friend.

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