Diary of a sandwich wrap: 7 days of zero-waste!

Apparently my biggest girl’s sandwich wrap (yes, she’s 15. Yes, its Tinkerbell.  Yes, it’s her choice) has all the fun.  Its been around and about and I thought I’d take some photographs of its adventures.

When we went camping a couple of weeks ago, wrap came too…

Sandwich wrap goes camping
Sandwich wrap goes camping

Well, okay, lets be honest, I’m actually showing you how flexible it can be.  Bagels, wraps, pastry.  They all transport fabulously in a wrap.  As does a run-of-the-mill sandwich:

Wraps for sandwiches

Today The Wrap is having a little day off.  However eco-friendly and zero-waste I attempt to be, even I would not put pasta salad into a sandwich wrap!

Its not just for sliced bread
Its not just for sliced bread

Totally easy-care

The Wrap even had a little spin in the washing machine last weekend.  I don’t often need to wash it but some ketchup had got onto the fabric outer so in it went.  The only casualty was that the “OnTheGoDesign” logo on the ribbon washed off 😦  I guess I need to invest in woven ribbon next time.

If you would like to create fun adventures for sandwich wraps, there are plenty more here who’d like a fun day out…


Bagels in a sandwich wrap
Flexible enough for a couple of bagels

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