WaterOnTheGo: Bottle Carriers with clips



I have three children who are about as different as three children can be: sporty, musical, forgetful, organised. However, one thing unites them and that is the difficulty of the water bottle:

– my water bottle leaked and that’s why my homework got wet
– I can’t fit my water bottle into my bag
– I don’t want to stop and get my water bottle out of my bag

So the water bottle carrier became a part of our lives. I can’t claim to have come up with the idea but I can certainly claim to be a parent that sees the usefulness of such an item and also one that knows that beautiful fabric turns a useful item into a must-have accessory!

All of my water bottle holders are fully lined (no visible seams). This one has a carabiner clip so you can clip it to a bag.  Its perfect for sporty kids going to football matches or little ones, who can clip their water bottle to their school bags.  Ot scouts going hiking.  Or ladies going shopping. Or…  or… or….  The list goes on!

A standard issue 50cl school/sports water bottle with 7cm diameter fits easily.

They are currently available in my Etsy shop: